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~~ 2000 ~~

Michal_Filly_Astra's Home Page!
Site for people who love dogs. With photos, tips, dog of the week, training information, and much more.
Filly & Astra
Chatterie Jovisca
Presentation of my persians cats.
Horses and More
Animal health, missing birds, stolen horses, free graphics, cyber pets.
Astro64ths Nintendo Gallery
We have all kinds of information and pictures here for game fans of all types who love Nintendo. Please check it out.
Songs4him's Christian Music Store
A Web-site not wanting to 'win it big' in the online store biz. It's all about inspiring people to give their hearts through Christian Music. Music reaches many people out there, many think there isn't any good Christian music out there, This shows them there is. Most importantly, It helps get the word of God out, and may save many souls through Christian Music.
The Madhouse
The rantings and ravings and continuous adventures of a madman trying to make his way in the world.
"The Madman"
(Greg Mooradian)
Kennel de Tremaudan
This site is dedicated to the preservation of the working Dobermann and Bouvier des Flandres. Information on the sports that we do as well as recipes for a raw, natural diet for dogs and cats. Lots of great links too!!
Cynthia Stevenot
Tony's Dance Room
This is the first personal homepage I have made in quite some time now. I have some freinds pics on here, and the graphics for the links and on the graphics page were made by me (not the backgrounds though, just the actual images). I'll be adding more later though.
The Scot-Irish Pet Clan
Well, my site is about my pets (Squiggy, Tommy and Maxwell) I also have alittle about my family heritage in Scotland and Ireland. I have Irish Names and Scottish Names, and I even have a Theater for pets to try out for movies! (Not like real movies, just a pretend thing) I have alittle page about the language I'm learning called Scottish Gaelic. (Not much on that page yet) And well, more!


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