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~~ 1998 ~~

Americas BEST information
and advice source!
Mr. B
Draac's Gifs 123
A great place for all your webtv email needs. He has over 3000 animated gifs, over 500 backgrounds, midis, wavs and much more. Visit Draac's HTML school, it is a super place to start out learn the basics of HTML.
HTML Newsgroup For Webtv Only
Goldie Meow's Litter Box
Goldie tries to offer something for everybody; music, graphics, original prose, edited "stuff", games, html and WebTV help (how-to's and links). It's easy to read and navigate. Visit often - it changes regularly.
Goldie Meow
The Dragon's Lair
You are about to enter a world full of dragons and mystery. Behind each turn lies the unknown. Some dragons will be helpful, others could cause you harm. Can you survive? Are you of the bravest in the land? Do you dare to show yourself to the Master? Will you beg for mercy? Take heart and realize that without courage and knowledge you will not make it through the winding ways of... The Dragon's Lair.
The CatNippers Page
This site is about us... Ned & Alex. Learn all about us and see our winkwinks, friends and Ned's look-a-like page. We also have a lot of helpful links.
Ned & Alex
Free Spirit's Longhouse
My site is a little about me. Guardian Angels, american indians and wolves.
H.M.B's Home Page
This site has info about me as well as info about the marching band that I am in, on my "Band Page". Hope you enjoy it!
Hannah Buchanan
Nancy's Gifs
My site is made for people with webtv to have a place to find linkable graphics. I add more everyday. I always am open for suggestions, and also available for html help on webpages and email.
Aussie Cat Page
About me, Rustinail and past friends of mine and my human mom, info, links, midi's and more.
Jordon's Hot Page
My page is about me and has some good links on it. It is about JROTC and some other interesting stuff. Come check it out and book mark it, because it is always changing.
Jordon Shaw
Lisa's Home Away from Home
My page is dedicated to my family!! Both my human children and furry alike!!
Lisa B
Twister & Thumpers World Online
Twister & Thumper are a Dutch couple totaly adicted to the Internet . Twister & Thumpers World Online is a place where you kan find fun, stories , jokes , animated graphics, banners, poems, foto's, a mystery guest and lots and lots more ......JOIN IN THE FUN
The Cats Corner
Come meet Bonnie Le'Purr and Pepper Mille'. Visit their Claw Pages and more.
Our home is all about the 5 (and 2 foster) kitties that own us! We have alittle bit of everything, awards to win, a fun quiz, memorials, graphics, a page for all the friends we've met, lots of kitty photo's and our very own Happiness is being owned by cats... Webring! We LOVE company, so drop on by!!
Belinda & Mike
Adamal's Page
This page is dedicated to my animals. I feel that animals make a huge difference in everyone's lives and therefore my babies deserved their own area, seperate from us humans.
The Bruno Family Site
A family spot to go and check up on our family and pets.
Lydia Bruno
Hope's Mom's Page
Hope's Mom's Page is the cyber-home of "Hope"(one of the world's sweetest cats). It also has fun & humor for all kitties (and their purrsons). You can play a game, send a postcard, or even join Hope's exclusive club. Don't miss the FX Photogallery & Photocube featuring Hope and some of our friends.
Hope's Mom
Texas Pepper's Home Page
Family rated personal home page with emphasis on kitties, both present and deeply missed. Also "clean" links, memorial pages, vegetarian recipes, Texas pix.
The Academy Award Winners & Nominees Page
An easy to navigate list of all winners and nominees for the six major Academy Awards from 1928 to 1997. A top ten box office listing for the years 1942 to 1997 and a yummy chocolate oatmeal no-bake cookie recipe.
Danny Lanham
Velvet's Couch
Velvet's Couch is dedicated to Velvet and her sister Khar'pern. Stories, humor, links, and lots of information. Also Velvet's very own club and a section devoted to the Big Cats of the world.


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