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Queen Midnight

January 1,1984 ~ November 18,1998

Tabakitty did live a long and very comfortable life, with everything any kitty could or would want. A perfectly content indoor kitty, always too busy with her human family to worry about what was on the other side of that door. As she got older, she didn't even want to go outside while being held!! The only problem Tabakitty had was that she did not know that she was a kitty. Her favorite foods were off of a human's plate, which she only got after eating her kitty food dinner. And she gave love as no other kitty has ever given love before. She was the sweetest little furbaby, with a pretty strong stubborn streak too. She just got weaker and weaker, but was trying to hold on to life. She didn't want to go to the bridge any more than we wanted her to go. She fought a good battle, but God decided it was her time to go. She is at the 'Bridge' now, romping and playing with her sister, feeling like a kitten again. She is watching and waiting for the day we arrive...

I'd like to be the first kitty to say some mews, as Tabakitty was a good friend of mine. She was one of the sweetest kitties I have known! I really couldn't believe my ears when I heard the news that she had passed away. I helped to put the CLAW crown on her head, and helped her make her pictures transparentized. I will really miss her kind mews. Sympathies for her family,


Send regrets and meows to Tabakitty's family
as they grieve their loss
[Exit Chapel]



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