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KKK Memorial

A Beautiful Memorial Was Made For Tabakitty At The 'Claw Chapel',by Charlie and His Mewmee.
Please Click On Tabakitty's Claw Picture Below to go there.

Tabakitty Crowned

I belonged to 'Claw' for cats who rule!!
Here is a picture of me wearing my 'Claw' Crown.

Claw Banner

Click on this and see how
SPECIAL I really was.
Fairy Cat


Tabakitty Tabakitty

Tabakitty's Pawtraits by,
Cats & Celtic Music

I Am A graduate of Mr. Frass's School of Feline Ninja Warriors.
Here are my credentials.

Tabakitty ID Card Tabakitty Diploma

I was a member of all of these wonderful clubs
and met a lot of really mice purrs and purrsons!!

Mighty Meow Club Back Fence Cat Club Meditive Cat Society Ferousious Fe-lion Club Sarah Playgroup-no known addy ucoc Card Cool Cats Only-no known addy Hopes Club

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